Plans of Setting Up A Home Office


I have been a full time homemaker since I got pregnant with Bella  in 2010. Looking back, the last two years was full of great memories  shared with family,  true friends and most specially with my little angel. Although considered a plain housewife, I can say that I am  productively working at home. It was during that time wherein I have  discovered the virtual world specifically the amazing world of  blogging; thanks to a dear friend. My blogging career is indeed rewarding but it is not currently helping us financially.

I wanted to take my virtual life into a higher level that is why I am planning to set up my own office at home. I am currently working as a freelance Article Writer aside from maintaining several blogs. Hubby is not yet sold with the idea of setting up my own office at home because he doesn’t want me to slice some space from his living room although that case is still negotiable. 😉

My freelance writing job will be finished by the end of the month and I plan to work as a full-time VA right after that. So for me to work comfortably at home, I think a home office with a good ventilation is really necessary. I just wish when that VA job comes, my home office is also ready.



Blogging has its way of getting into me. I was not actually planning to have this blog but as I opened my dashboard, I was  led  to the creation of this blog. I really do not know how to keep this one going since I already have five active blogs but I will try my hardest to somehow update this once in every while and see how it goes.

Meanwhile,  I have decided to make this one a niche blog. This will be about home and lifestyle. We are currently living in a super simple home but I am proud to call it our own. We acquired this house few months after Bren and I got married. We have been dreaming to transform this into our dream home someday. This blog will surely document about my journey to achieving our dream home.

Welcome to my Home Blog. By the way, I get my inspiration  from Krizza, one of best blogpals. Thanks Sis!

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